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Author(s) Title
Rainer Rehak (profile website) Ten Years of Failed Civic Tech in Germany
Mennatullah Hendawy (profile website) Discontinued Civic Tech in Post Revolution contexts
Dan Richardson (profile website) Failed yet successful: OurPlace and Digital Civics
Emilia Knabe Accessibility of Digital Applications in Participation Processes in an Urban Context
Franzisca Maas (profile website; twitter; Lingering at the Brink of Failure
Ian G Johnson (profile website) Re-Evaluating the Values and Purpose of Civic Tech
Jochen Meyer (profile website),
Wilko Heuten
Failures in Technology-Based Public Health Interventions
Joseph Hutchinson (profile website) Failure is the Goal
Nobuyuki Shirakawa The Gains and Losses of Civic Tech Differences and Conflicts between Civic Tech Failures and Public Policy Failures
Sebastian Meier (profile website),
Benjamin Seibel (website),
Ingo Hinterding (website)
Prototypes – A Misunderstood Opportunity Iterative Design of Digital Government Services
Shun Shiramatsu Considering Recycle Process of Discontinued Civic Tech Projects