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Call for Participation

Read the full call here.

Key dates

Call for Participation December 15, 2022
Submission Deadline February 23, 2023 March 1, 2023
Notification of acceptance March 1, 2023 (for those who submit by February 23) and March 6 (for those who submit after February 23)
Workshop day April 28, 2023

Workshop at CHI’23 on April 28 2023, in Hamburg, Germany

The ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems is the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). CHI – pronounced ‘kai’ – annually brings together researchers and practitioners from all over the world and from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and positionalities, who have as an overarching goal to make the world a better place with interactive digital technologies.

The workshop

The design of civic tech is often confronted with impediments, barriers, and a lack of resources. These and other causes often lead to the discontinuation and even abandonment of initiatives. Workshops are a rare opportunity for academics and practitioners to exchange on discontinuation as seemingly imperfect, failed projects are much more difficult to publish as articles.

The goal of the workshop is to understand better why some civic tech initiatives fail and to ask whether, in discontinuation, some initiatives still somehow contribute to social change, design knowledge and growth of digital civics. A variety of sub-questions around discontinued civic tech will be addressed in the workshop, including matters of engagement and participation, liberation, citizen science, public management, power structures and biases, communication, and discourse.

To better understand and learn from discontinued civic tech, we invite submissions from researchers, designers, educators, and activists interested in sharing their experiences and knowledge about failed or discontinued civic tech initiatives. We do not see failure and discontinuation as necessarily negative outputs but as learning instances and, an essential part of the creative process in design practices driving civic tech projects. Some initiatives may seem to stop but exert influence in other ways, e.g., inspire other initiatives and create forms of agency that then spill over to other arenas. We would like to better understand what constitutes “failure” in the domain of civic tech. Why was the envisioned design for digital civics erroneous and the development didn’t work? Was it a missed momentum or lack of continued interests by the volunteers? We want to learn about the circumstances in which civic technologies lost support, community engagement, or became too contested to continue. The answers to such questions are key to generate design knowledge about the role of failure in design practices oriented to the civil society in the CHI community.

Our workshop has two goals:

  1. to provide an open and inclusive space where researchers, designers, and practitioners can exchange on “failed” or discontinued civic tech initiatives which usually have scarce opportunity to be presented in academic conferences, and
  2. to connect people and networks in this domain to learn from past design experiences while identifying cases and design issues for future studies.


Submissions should address and will be selected based on relevance to the workshop topic. We ask applicants to include in their submission the following items:

We welcome submissions in various formats, including video/audio recordings (max. 5 min), visual artifacts such as collage, photography, graphic stories, and illustrations, as well as position papers (max. 3 pages) including a brief bio of the applicant(s).

Submissions should be sent to discontinued.civictech [at]

Please include in your submission if you would like or would not like to have your submission published on the workshop website. Please also indicate in your submission if you plan to participate in person or online. Please note that at least one author of each accepted submission must attend the workshop and that all participants must register for both the workshop and for at least one day of the conference.

Info for prospective participants
You can only register as a workshop participant in case your submission has been accepted by the workshop organizers. You will receive a code which needs to be entered during the registration. This year, CHI is offering a workshop-only ticket option where attendees only need to pay the workshop fee to attend the workshop. However, this option does not allow you to attend any other CHI conference presentations or events.

Important: Full conference pass or day ticket holders will have to pay the workshop fee in addition to the conference ticket.Please note that the Early Bird ticket rate will end on March 13, 2023.

Workshop-only registration:
Full conference / one-day registration:

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